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co-creating future cities.

we develop, implement & communicate digital projects for healthier urban environments. 


schaefer | hansen was founded in 2019, right into the initial lockdown. In the years that followed, we built up a small consulting firm with which we work to release some of the hot air from digitalization and innovation projects.

To do this, we take care of communication - but not to make bogus ideas look better, but to frame good ideas in such a way that all stakeholders and target groups involved - internal and external - understand what it's all about, what the goal is, and why it matters.

That's what we create concepts for - not for the sake of producing concepts, but to convince the right people to get involved in substantial missions that do not aim at economic success alone, but help to solve real problems.

To this end, we provide consulting services to companies, institutions and project teams in the fields of content development, strategy, processes and methods, as well as communication - not to butter up our clients, but to help lead ventures to success with honest, constructive criticism.

In all of this, we openly admit when we don't know something, can't do something, aren't good at something. We are convinced that this is the only way to achieve the transformation to a more regenerative economy and society.

Do you agree with us? Then we look forward to hearing from you.


implement good ideas 

Good ideas are a dime a dozen. The real challenge is to implement them. We support municipal and private institutions methodically, organisationally and conceptually.

ensure proper communication

Few things are as neglected as good communication - externally, but also internally. Yet it is a central element when it comes to the successful development of smart solutions. We help finding the right words, narratives, stories and channels to help smart solutions come to life.

make complex topics accessible

We help breaking down highly complex topics to make them accessible and understandable for both internal and external stakeholders and the broad public.

try, fail, learn, try again, fail better.

Truly sustainable digitalisation means: trying, testing, failing, learning, continuing, Sounds easier than it is. Many businesses and most public institutions lack failure culture. We help change that to the better. 

co-creating more liveable, healthy and regenerative future cities. 


Supporting companies, cities and regions in defining their specific smart city potential and finding solutions that have a chance of long-term and sustainable success.

Representing complex and controversial issues to decision-makers in politics and business, the media and the population, thus promoting acceptance and commitment among all stakeholders.

Bringing the right actors together, communicating methods, promoting multidisciplinary cooperation and enabling agile, user-oriented project and process design. 


Instead of short-lived pseudo-innovation, we define problems case-specifically and help select the right project partners. We communicate relevant content internally and externally and ensure productive teamwork across organisational boundaries. 


Using efficient methods, we moderate a transparent dialogue of all stakeholders and are available as agile coaches, political stakeholders, coordinators and sparring partners as needed in the course of complex pilot projects.


Based on our experience in the public and private sector and years of experience in agile, cross-sector collaboration, we increase the chances of success in complex public-private partnerships through lean administration, intelligent facilitation and effective communication.


We help to involve internal stakeholders, sensitive target groups and the public in projects at an early stage and to make complex topics accessible to a broad audience. To do this, we sometimes invent tech-savvy grandmothers if it serves the cause.


SRB | Management

For the politically neutral non-profit Smart Regio Basel, we manage operations, manage communications, develop projects and coordinate political interests. 

climate communication

We develop concepts and produce awareness-raising and communication campaigns in the field of climate protection for various clients. 

Democracy Lab Basel | Lead 

The project "Democracy Lab Basel" aims to develop ten concrete reform approaches for a modern, inclusive democracy with more citizen participation and to test each of them in a realistic, experimental environment. With SRB we are product owner.

neustark | strategy & content 

neustark, a spinoff of ETH Zurich, we advise and accompany in the field of communication and business development. neustark removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores it permanently in recycled concrete. 

tech companies | consulting 

Alongside our own communication and mediation projects, we help various companies to prepare the contents of complex technological topics and ensure that they are accessible to a broad population.

MESO | Transformation Initiative

Meso is a network of innovative organisations working together to shape a more sustainable future. Meso tests the future of spatial design, mobility and food in cities and agglomerations through strategic experiments. We are founding partner of MESO.

CITY MINUTES | Communication 

In this video series, we approach the big questions in the field of smart city development in conversation with Dr Jonathan Reichental, ex-CIO of Palo Alto and internationally renowned smart city expert. Planned launch date of the series: March 2022.

SMART CLIMATE | Project lead

Piloting, planning and management of a PPP which installed and operated a triregional sensor network for microclimate monitoring.


Think. Plan. Act.

Review. Improve. Repeat.




"Innovation", which serves to boost a company's reputation or as a fig leaf to cover up entrepreneurial helplessness. We call a spade a spade - even when it comes to influential stakeholders and (potential) customers. 



We also sometimes use the terms "iterative, incremental, innovative, smart, agile and collaborative". But most of all, we try not just to preach about it, but to act accordingly. There's already enough hot air in the innovation sector.



We go all in if we are passionate about an idea, a project, a company. We say plainly and clearly when we doubt that we are the right people for a job. We like success, so we only do what we are best at.


Christian Hansen


Christian studied playwriting and worked as a journalist, writer and dramaturg in Berlin. Also he has been an independent content developer for 20 years. As co-managing director of schaefer | hansen and Smart Regio Basel, Christian is committed to developing more sustainable, smarter and human-centred cities. As a lecturer at ZHDK, he passes on his knowledge and experience to students. He's the father of a little girl and lives in Basel. 


+41 78 720 08 83

Elias H. Schäfer


Studied International Relations in St. Gallen and Geneva and built up a broad entrepreneurial, political and cultural network as a political lobbyist and elected representative at regional and national level. As CEO, he developed Fluxdock AG into a platform for corporate collaboration. Elias is co-managing director of schaefer | hansen, Smart Regio Basel and sits in various boards. Elias has a son and lives in Basel. 


+41 78 739 75 09

Sandro Miescher

Senior Project Lead

With a Master's degree in Sustainable Development, he is our in-house sustainability expert. Before joining schaefer | hansen, Sandro worked for a renowned construction company as an environmental manager and head of quality management. At GGG Kulturkick, a youth culture promotion agency, he headed the music section for 8 years. Sandro is involved in the Basel cultural scene and publishes a culture magazine.


+41 76 422 08 04


Tech-savvy communicator & campaigner

Every day I try to explain to my husband Urs why Urs123 is not a very good password and why it makes sense to prepare cities for future challenges using modern technology.

I was able to convince my card game club to manage the account digitally. Apart from Inge, everyone now admits that it saves a lot of time and nerves - but Inge is always stubborn when she's not right.

In the course of time, word has got around that I am a patient and understanding partner in matters of digitalisation, who can be followed even without a doctorate in data science.


Get in touch with us. We will arrange a free appointment with you. You describe the challenge you are facing and we tell you whether we are the right people to help you. If the answer is yes, see step 2.


To make you an offer, we divide your project into sensible sections and make you a realistic proposal for each stage of the journey, openly, honestly and as realistically as possible. 


If you award your contract to us, you are not simply rid of the problem. Just as you can expect us to do our best possible job, we depend on your commitment: It will only be smart together.